What makes Labour pain so Intense?

The Powerful Benefits of Nurturing a Mother’s Intuition

I know that for many women the pain of labour is so much more intense, when labour becomes  too overwhelming for them to bear.  Mixed with fear, confusion and maybe a slow dilation, this can make for an exhaustingly long, long haul. Labour can get confusing over time and  many women just don’t know what to do.  Or they experience  a sense of guilt, however wrongly, it is still there (we can talk about that later!)  when they feel that in the end, they can’t do it without drugs, although they had every intention to have a natural birth.

This is so common amongst women that I talk to, if they have had an unsatisfying birthing experience, with no real preparation, or support for the full-on ness ( if that is a word even!) of birth.  And it is full on!!  Don’t doubt it, but let me assure you that knowing you and your baby and your body can do this, will hold you when the going gets tough. But you have to believe this, you have to really know this and you need a good support team that stay with you and remind you of this and allow you to feel confident and loved and supported throughout. That is why second time around, mothers can usually cope better, they have hindsight. They go in prepared. Their partner is better prepared. And more often than not, they know the benefits of a Doula.  So you get a chance to get a good dose of hindsight right now- first time around. Women are so powerful during birth.  Learn to use your birthing powers to their full potential.

Take away the fear, and replace with a calm knowing. learn to reduce your anxiety by acknowledging that this is a powerful experience  and your body will do what it is designed to do.

Talk to me today about being your Doula – I can help make that difference from an overwhelming experience to an intense and powerful transformation.