This is the Most Important thing to know about Birthing

What do you think is the most important thing?  Deciding where to give birth? Choosing your caregiver? Or is it your education and knowledge of birth? Sure, these are important things but did you know that the most important element in birth by far – is YOU.  Your mindset and your belief in your powerful, natural instinct to birth.  Yes – the most powerful tool you have when it comes to birth is your MIND.

It’s TRUE! Don’t you find it surprising that it is not where you choose to give birth that matters, BUT it is HOW a mother approaches birth that really MATTERS?.

So first ask yourself the question How will I approach my birth? Then ask yourself who will be there supporting my belief in my instincts to birth? Because it is in this moment of your life that you, as a birthing mother, are the most open and the most vulnerable. This is WHY your attitude along with your caregivers and your birth partners, need to have a single-minded approach to support you and your powerful instincts and ability to birth. They should be there with you every moment – this is the stuff that really counts during birth.

Be warned though that fear has no role to play at birth. It is unfortunate that the perceived fear and risk surrounding birth and the medicalising of birth does nothing to help create a very positive and empowering image of birth, particularly for first time mothers.

So HOW do you make the WHERE you give birth not adversely affect the HOW you give birth and your overall birthing experience?

Firstly, you can do this by choosing to empower yourself. You can create a positive experience, no matter where your birthing location is, or what the situation brings with it on the day.  You can do this by shifting your own mind from birth as a painful experience that you endure in a hospital or in a medicalised setting. You make a shift to instead choosing the best birth experience possible. How – you say?  Well the amazing thing is this can happen very easily when you train yourself to be a ‘Hypnobirthing Mum‘

Because your Mindset is the single most important aspect of birthing. A Positive mindset, releases fear, which releases pain/tension/anxiety. Imagine if everyone really understood just how simple this is!  And nothing external has to change! Of course, we would love to see better maternity options, affordable access to midwife care and more birth centres across the city and regions but all we truly need – is a shift of mindset.  If you look you will find that this just happens to be easily available to all.  So my hope is that techniques like Hypnobirthing, is one day the most commonly used approach to birth and creates a permanent shift towards supporting a positive, empowered mindset during birth.  Then we would truly see much better health outcomes for YOU and all our birthing mothers. Now that sounds like an attitude worth cultivating! Here’s to the possibility of many happy birthing days ahead for all!

Positive empowered birth creates a future towards healthy, happy mothers. Pass it on.

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