Birth Doula Services

As your Doula I will provide:

  • Respect for you and your birthing partner’s decisions
  • Emotional support for you and your partner or birth support people
  • Guidance about your birthing plan
  • Gentle massage and pressure point techniques to assist with morning sickness, pain and discomfort
  • Hypnobirthing techniques and tools
  • Emotional support through the journey of pregnancy to motherhood
  • Continuous, Calm, Confident support throughout labour
  • Birthing advocacy – I can be your voice at birth to help express what you need
  • Support for your partner, so they can be confident with a loving and calm presence
  • Nutritional  guide, recipes and post natal food preperation ideas
  • Photography  if requested

My service includes 2-3  pre natal visits usually around 2 hours. During these visits I get to know you and your partner’s  birthing desires and plans . I will be available for the last 2 weeks leading up to your birth, via phone and email  anytime you need. Once you have started labour, you can contact me and we can refer to whatever you have requested ie;  support at home or meet at the hospital. I will stay with you throughout your birth and then for a short time (less than an hour or so) immediate post birth, unless you choose differently. Then I leave you to fully bond and experience your baby in private.   I will see you again post birth for a debrief and  a lovely sharing of the experience!. 

Post Natal Services

Post birth, I will make at least one visit as your Birth Doula, where I will visit you at home and we can debrief your birth and share the experience.  If you would like me to continue to provide baby care and support I can do this in a Post Partum Doula capacity for up to 6 weeks or longer if needed.

This could include such things as baby care, night nanny, maternal support, cooking, some general cleaning, washing, child care and general aid. The hours and times are negotiable, but a minimum of 3 hours stay per visit.

Services and Pricing

1.   Birth Doula Service  

Cost :  $1200 – All inclusive

2.   Birth Doula PLUS with Hypnobirthing course

Cost:  $1495 ( plus travel if over 30klms) 

3.   Post  Natal

Cost : $200 for a minimum of 4 hour 

4.    Night Nanny

Cost : $450 (plus travel if over 30klms) 7pm-7am ( 12 hour overnight stay)



“Ultimately, how well we care for the mothers in our community, affects the very wellbeing of future generations of parents, children and society”.
Jenny Blyth, Author and Birthworker