Breathing for Birth


Many women already know that one of the most effective ways of dealing with your labour is working with breath as your focus.  The truth is that with minimal effort you can have a massive amount of effect in relaxing tension and anxiety in your body during labour.  We begin with the idea that fundamentally a mother needs to keep breathing in order to stay alive and to keep functioning. We also know that when we are tense, anxious or afraid we tend to breath in a shallow way. We don’t have to - we just do. It is an instinctive response to help our body prepare for fight or flight scenarios.  We then become adrenalised.  This is generally not helpful to modern mamas in labour – until that is in the final stages when you feel a massive urge to push your baby out, but clearly this could be after a long, exhausting labour. That is why our bodies are so pumped generally after birth. We have worked so hard and may think we are exhausted and at the end of our tether one minute, next we are full of adrenaline, we create a powerful surge of energy as we birth our babies. We feel alive and elated and with a natural birth we get a bonus rush of love hormones to boot!

But back to the breath. Deep breathing helps you stay relaxed. We use it to its best effect when our body is tense. If any area in our body is tense, it becomes tight and rigid. We know that feeling. Deep breathing is useful in childbirth for that very reason. It is very useful when the potential for tension and anxiety are at their peak – when you think you are not doing ok.  Learning to ’breath into’ areas of your body, oxygenating and helping those areas to become more resilient, more accommodating will in turn open them up to relax.  It is with practise that you will learn to direct your breath to your pelvic area, your sacrum, your perineum. In fact, any part of your body that needs release. Directed breathing takes the power of the breath into every part of the body. Circulation is enhanced and tension is reduced helping to maintain a more relaxed focus.

Did you know that pregnant mothers find this form of directed breathing easier to do than most people?  This is because they have a natural ability to accommodate and integrate change. They have a developed communication with their bodies. 

This is so easy to do.   I can teach you directed breathing, so that you get to practise it well before birth and you can be assured of the benefit of Maximum effect with Minimal effort.





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