Agreement & Responsibilites

Client / Doula Agreement

My agreement to you is

1.   To Support you and respect your choices.

2.   To give you helpful information, gentle emotional support, and quiet confidence in the practicalities of childbirth

3.   To listen to you, and let you determine my role to best suit your family’s needs

4.   To provide you with evidence- based care as much as possible

5.   To alert you to anecdotal evidence and show you the difference between these

Also to assist you to develop skills in;

·        Communication

·        Decision making

·        Assertiveness

·        Baby care

·        Coping with change and motherhood

Your agreement with me is to

1.   Develop your understanding and innate skills in birthing and choosing what is right for you

2.   Listen and learn to use your intuition and natural instincts

3.   Be open and honest about your needs

4.   Practice assertiveness

5.   Determine what my role is according to your needs




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