About Me

Catherine Donaldson   

Birth Doula, Childbirth Professional.

My passion for babies and children has led me to the wonderful world of being a Doula.

I have an absolute love of newborns and I delight in the opportunity to support mothers emotionally and physically throughout pregnancy and childbirth –  it is such a gift to be able to work with women transiting into motherhood.

I have spent much of my career working with women and families of all ages and stages of life.  Starting in the 1980’s, as a Family Day Care  carer then later as a hospitality worker. During my 30's I studied  externally with 4 children still at home, for a hard earned degree in Social Science.  I happily launched myself into a career in community development and found my focus and passion working with families and community minded people. A rewarding time of community planning, and meeting like minded passionate people for change and  creating autonomy in communities. 10 years of working with local government and not for profit organisations, I then turned my attention around to women, babies and families and I now enjoy working for myself as a professional nanny and doula. I love to share my experience and wisdom within the birthing world and enjoy helping women in a practical and meaningful way.  

Over the last year, I have met many different mamas who have each shared their own unique experience of what birthing and motherhood brings to them. Listening to their stories I get to appreciate what it truly means to have community and family support for new mums. What a difference it can make to their story when they get the help that they need.  
So it is not surprising that I absolutely love this work!. To be given the opportunity to be caring for and witnessing the creation of confident birthing mamas. Although, I am not going to tell you how you could/ should or would do it better.   I am simply going to listen, build your courage and your skills and gently hold your hand throughout.  That is my gift to you.

I will encourage you though, to pay attention to your spirit, (connecting to inner self), gently guide you to have a strong mind (education, decision making and assertiveness) and grow your amazingly powerful body ( through nutrition, stretch/ exercise/ yoga) to do the job it knows how to do.

I have a certificate with Childbirth International Association, and continue my study and research by staying connected within the Birthworker industry and all things birthing. In2017 I have joined with Hypnobirthing Australia  to become a licensed Hypnobirthing practitioner.

I am a member of Maternity Choices Australia, and I personally believe in a future where a woman’s birthing choice will include not only Midwives and Doulas, but that they get to birth in a safe, comfortable home like environment within a seamless community/hospital supported health system.  An affordable, comfortable, woman centred style of maternity choice.

“Ultimately, how well we care for the mothers in our community, affects the very wellbeing of future generations of parents, children and society”.

Jenny Blyth, Author and Birthworker




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