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A Doula with a Difference

What is a Doula?  It's a Greek word and when translated it literally means ‘woman’s servant’ but she is so much more than this..…

A Doula is a Woman who is a birthing support person dedicated to giving you loving and continuous emotional support throughout your labour and journey to Birthing.

You may hear people say things like ‘Women have been having babies for thousands of years, of course you can do it too!’  or ‘ You’ll just know what to do, women’s bodies are designed for birth'

It’s not very helpful is it? When you hear this and a part of you thinks, well, yes I should be able to do this, but then another part of you thinks, HELP but what if I can't do this ? Well with a midwife and doula support, you most definitely can! It is a pretty tough gig on your own, first time around, especially if your partner is a first timer as well!  It is only natural that you are both going to feel out of your comfort zone when it comes to birthing. A doula is there to take the pressure off your partner. They can then just love you and hold you and be present for you. Your midwife and doula know what to do, they help keep a calm, confident and encouraging atmosphere, as only an experienced woman can. She will keep you focussed and on track to work with your own body and baby through it all. Your midwife will do this for you, that is their job, but on the day, you may not be the only one they are looking out for. You may even be meeting your midwife for the first time at your birth and trusting that the dynamics and relationship work. You may be left on your own at times while they attend to other women. Or with a change of shift and a new one arrives. A new dynamic. It is not seamless.  Either way, if you are in a hospital, they can be busy, whereas your doula has been your birthing coach and she is with you constantly. You know them and they will see you through this. They are there for you.

As your Doula I will provide:

  • Respect for you and your partner in your birthing decisions

  • Emotional birth preparation for you and your partner and any birth support people

  • Some guidance for your own Birth Planning

  • Gentle massage and pressure point techniques to assist with morning sickness, pain and discomfort

  • Physical birth education as needed

  • Hypnobirthing techiques and tools for a Calm, Empowered birth

  • Childbirth Education

  • Emotional support through the journey of pregnancy to motherhood

  • Continuous, Calm, Confident support throughout labour

  • Birthing advocacy –  I am your voice to relay what you want/need

  • Support for your partner, so they can be a loving, calm presence

  • Nutritional guide, recipes for post birth and lactation support

  • Post-natal and baby care support

  • Photography if requested


My service includes a free consultation visit so that you can decide if I am right for you.  Then 2-3  pre natal visits, depending on time available and 1 post natal visit. All usually around 2 hours. During these visits I will get to know you and your partner’s desires and wishes for this birth.


Learn to use your birthing powers to its full potential.


The difference with Luvamama is that you are going to get the coaching you need to truly step into knowing your body, so that you can trust it to do its job. You will be tapping into your instinctual body wisdom. You get to access your ancient and traditional body wisdom. You will be encouraged to practice tuning into your baby from early on, because after all you will work together during birth - as a team!  During labour you need to deeply trust what is happening. I in turn will trust your intuition and natural instinct in tuning into what your baby is needing. Your intuition and instinctual nature is there to help you and guide you. So I am here to support that. Let me provide some clarity and focus for you during your pregnancy, so that your birth experience will truly feel like it is about you, your body and your baby.

Let me help guide your ‘inner knowing’ as you enter into the most powerful and incredible journey of your life!




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